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In the year 2002 Rome Municipality together with the Association of Architects of Rome and its province established a new significant institution for cultural and exhibition events, the Architecture House. The new institution intends to promote the roman architectural culture and the contemporary architecture through the organization of exhibitions, prizes, conferences, meetings and enterprises of national and international nature.

In particular, the Architecture House aims to encourage the relation and the dialogue between the architectural culture and other forms or languages of the know-how, through cycles of films, meetings with authors and multidisciplinary events.

A scientific committee is planning the activities of the Architecture House. Six members compose the Committee, while the President of the Association of Architects of Rome assume the role of a supervisor. The scientific committee defines the general addresses of the activity and indicates the advisor of each single activity.

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The Architecture House
Piazza Manfredo Fanti, 47 - 00185 Rome (Italy)
Phone number: +390697604598 - Fax +390697604561
e-mail address: info@casadellarchitettura.it
web site: www.casadellarchitettura.it

location tel  06.97604580


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