the Architecture House triennal program (2005-2007)


In execution and according to the clauses n 3 and n4 of it own regulations, the scientific Committee prepared the following document which includes the guide lines for the three year activities from January 1st 2005 to December 31st 2007.

The Architecture House has been founded by the Association of Architects PPS of Rome and Rome Municipality with the intention to promote the knowledge and the development of the architecture in consideration of its fundamental components - recognized not only in the design activity at building and urban scale - but also in other disciplines that are recently acquiring a significant role in the urban and territorial transformation.

Among these, the disciplines of restoration and re-use of the historical heritage that found in the city of Rome a privileged location for the promotion of the safeguard culture considered unique in the entire Europe; disciplines that bind the architecture to the design field as well as to the industrial production, disciplines that in Rome are witnessing an intense experimental season activity; landscape architecture intended not only as the art that put in relation nature and architecture, but as the art that create a readable image of the territorial outline.

These targets will be pursued with initiatives planned and coordinated by the scientific Committee and also through the setting up of appropriate places for conferences, exhibitions, debates, but also informal meeting places (bookstores, bars, gardens, etc).

In addition to the traditional architect activities, the Architecture House intends to be a place where various disciplines can interact on the basis of common interests toward the urban culture phenomenal such as visual arts, cinema, show business, music, literature.

Within the sphere of these institutional purposes, the Committee activities aim to contribute at the definition of a discipline that evolves continuously and relates to the complex and articulated contemporary cultural debate. The Architecture House intends to be the active part of this debate, not only proposing the documentation and the statement on the initiatives that regard the city architecture, but also becoming a meeting place where major international themes can be compared.

In particular, during the period of three years 2005-2007 the initiatives of the Architecture House will be coordinated in accordance to a common programme, finalized to give evidence, analyze and think over the civic role of the architects activity carried out in the recent past and also at present, working on the urban transformations, as a result of many single contributions, as well as a result of an extensive study made on the new configuration of the city.

Within the sphere of the global fragmentation of the European city outline, these initiatives will characterize and recognize the contribution of the architecture in the creation of a new and specific identity within the various cultural contexts.

Three themes have been individuated and proposed as possible frame and binding perspective of various activities and events:

  • Peacebuilding. The architecture as a language of peace
    That is the language of communication and cohabitation between people and cultures, of which the architecture, thanks to its vocation, is one of the representative instruments;
  • The Architecture House, crossroads between different generation of architects
    The Architecture House intended as a place for meetings, debates and confrontation between architects with different backgrounds;
  • Rome as world city. Geography and stratifications
    Multiple stratification of the urban structure of Rome considering its two different dimensions: spatial and secular.

On a different level, the Architecture House intends to converge its programmes on other themes such those regarding the role and the meaning of the public space within the contemporary city and the ones regarding the domestic plan intended as a moment to focalize more attention on the transformation occurred in the housing usages.

The Architecture House activities will be articulated in a series of initiatives that for organizational reasons will be divided in three main groups: periodic, international and national activities.

The periodic activities are the ones occurring with periodic cadence, annual or biennal, partly in continuity with the initiatives already developed in the past years from the Association of Architects PPC of Rome.

The international activities are those giving evidence to the civil role that architecture undertook in the developing and transformation of the European and Mediterranean city, as well as those activities dealing with the new themes of architecture profession.

Regarding the international activities scheduled for the years 2006 and 2007, the scientific technical Committee intends to propose the name of an advisor, in the person of a well known expert.

The national activities are those giving evidence to proposals, projects, plans that define the layout of the contemporary Rome and its territory but also all the activities of research and all the studies performed on subjects that regard the architectural heritage. In this category are included also the activities witnessing the role carried out by the roman architects in the definition of the specific characteristics of the modern Rome.

According to the Committee Regulation, the proposals concerning initiatives to be organized at the Architecture House, must be forward, together with a financial plan, an year in advance and within the 15th of September. The proposals of the events must be coherent with the target listed in the triennial plans as well as with the instructions mentioned in the following document that regard the programmatic redefinition that the scientific committee will present within the 30th of April 2006. The committee will evaluate the most interesting proposals for the Architecture House, taking into account contents and feasibility of each one.


The scientific and technical Committee
Amedeo Schiattarella
Pippo Ciorra
Francesco Ghio
Piero Ostilio Rossi
Guendalina Salimei
Giuseppe Strappa
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